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DC Control Three Phase | Solid State Relay

DC control AC three phase Solid state relay TSR-10DA /25DA /40DA 480V 3 phase

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Revolutionize your power control with the DC Control Three Phase Solid State Relay, the easy way to switch high-current AC loads.

  • Zero voltage turn on/off for noiseless operation
  • Built-in snubber networks for reliable switching
  • LED indicators show relay status and health
  • Rugged design withstands harsh environments
  • Zero cross turn-on to reduce EMI and inrush current

This industrial-grade relay delivers smooth and silent AC switching for motors, heaters, transformers, and other inductive loads up to 40A. With no moving parts to wear out, it ensures ultra reliable load control while eliminating arcing, contact bounce, and mechanical hum. The integrated snubber networks prevent false triggering caused by load transients.

Perfect for factory automation, HVAC, pumping stations, and other applications that require precision AC power handling. Outperform old-school electromechanical relays and minimize downtime on your three phase equipment.

DC Control Solid State Relay
DC Control Three Phase | Solid State Relay



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