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Relays Auxiliary NC | 3TX4001-2A SIEMENS

Auxiliary switch block, without switch position indicator for attaching on contactors 1NC.

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Don’t let faulty wiring ruin your day – protect your system with the reliable Relays Auxiliary NC | 3TX4001-2A from SIEMENS. This high-quality relay offers you unbeatable circuit protection and peace of mind.

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With its fast switching speed and high reliability, this SIEMENS relay safeguards your equipment from damage due to electrical faults. The NC contact configuration ensures that the circuit opens if power is lost, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Install the 3TX4001-2A in your control panel to isolate faulty circuits and prevent disruptive downtime. Suitable for a wide range of automation, control and safety applications, this relay lets you avoid costly repairs and unplanned outages. For smart, fail-safe circuit protection, trust the Relays Auxiliary NC from SIEMENS.

Auxiliary Relay NC 3TX4001-2A
Relays Auxiliary NC | 3TX4001-2A SIEMENS