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Timer relay | H3Y-2 8Pin (Omron)

  • part number H3Y – 2
  • source 24 VDC
  • contact 5 A
  • 250 VAC resistive
  • made in Japan
  • 26280N
  • 24x7 Support +968 99 26 36 46
  • Premium Quality
  • 10 days Return & Exchange
  • Deliver in 5-7 Days
  • Worldwide Shipping
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Tired of unreliable, inaccurate timers for your automation projects? Step up to meticulous Japanese engineering with the Timer Relay H3Y-2 8Pin.

This industrial-grade relay offers precision timing from 0.1s to 120h for delay-on operate or delay-on release sequences. Adjust timing in increments to fit your exact application needs.

  • Sturdy 8 pin design handles up to 5A current loads
  • 250VAC resistive contact supports AC control
  • Quality components ensure stable, accurate timing
  • Compact housing saves space in your control panel

Take your automation to the next level. The H3Y-2 provides the split-second accuracy and reliability you need for sequencing motors, lighting, solenoids and more. Why settle for less when you can automate with Japanese precision? Bring on the H3Y-2 for game-changing control.