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Electric Analogue Timer | TM-30A, 30A, 110-250VAC (Kawamura)



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Electric Analogue Timer | TM-30A, 30A, 110-250VAC (Kawamura)


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Electrical timer to control the operation and shutdown of electrical devices.

  • Metal hard case.
  • Minimum time set-up for 15 minutes interval.
  • Manual switching function will allow to switch ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ in advance of a preset time .
  • 24 hours cycle – once the time programming is set, it will repeat every day.
  • Easy setting of time program – by simply inserting the trippers into the time dial hole, the program can be set.
  • HS Code : 85365020


Item Name Electric Timer
SV Code 111301AAKV1
Brand Kawamura
Case Material Steel
Power 3000W
Voltage 110-250VAC
Input Voltage Frequency 50-60Hz
Energy Consumption 2W
Mode of Operation 24 Hrs
Minimum Time Setting 15min
Contact Form SPST
Number of Poles 1
Operating Ambient Temperature (Degree Celsius) -10 to 50 Deg.C
Brand Origin (not manufacture) Japan
Product Size L x B x H (Cms) 9.4L x 14.5B x 6H
Delivery Time 2-7 days
Packing Quantity 1
Unit Piece


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