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Temperature & Humidity Meter (Hygrometer) | HTC-1

  • Temperature measurement range : -10C +50C
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: +-1C
  • Temperature resolution: +-0.1C
  • Humidity measuring rate: 10% ~ 99% RH
  • Humidity measuring accuracy: +-5% RH
  • Humidity resolution: 1%
  • Battery: AAA 1.5V
  • 24x7 Support +968 99 26 36 46
  • Premium Quality
  • 10 days Return & Exchange
  • Deliver in 5-7 Days
  • Worldwide Shipping
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Original price was: ر.ع.4.500.Current price is: ر.ع.3.500.

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Are you tired of guessing whether your home’s temperature and humidity levels are comfortable? This Temperature & Humidity Meter (Hygrometer) | HTC-1 is the solution you need!

  • Precisely measures temperatures from -10C to +50C within +-1C and humidity levels from 10% to 99% RH within +-5%
  • Displays current temperature and humidity readings clearly on a large LCD display
  • Temperature resolution of +-0.1C and humidity resolution of 1% RH ensures accurate measurements
  • Runs on just one AAA battery for portability and convenience

With the ability to precisely monitor conditions in any room, this handy device helps you optimize comfort and ensure health. Stop guessing and start enjoying ideal temperatures and humidity levels with this high-quality hygrometer!

Who it’s for: Perfect for homeowners, parents, and anyone who wants to monitor indoor temperature and humidity levels. Lets you easily identify rooms that are too hot, cold, wet or dry.

How it improves your life: No more discomfort from incorrect temperature and humidity levels! This hygrometer gives you the info you need to adjust your home environment for maximum comfort.

Temperature Humidity Meter Hygrometer
Temperature & Humidity Meter (Hygrometer) | HTC-1

Original price was: ر.ع.4.500.Current price is: ر.ع.3.500.

Original price was: ر.ع.4.500.Current price is: ر.ع.3.500.