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Schneider RM17TG00 | Phase Control Relay

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Stop production line disasters before they happen! The Schneider RM17TG00 Phase Control Relay is your first line of defense against costly phase and voltage issues.

Key features/benefits bullet list:

  • Advanced built-in logic continuously monitors 3-phase power to prevent phase loss and sequence faults
  • Adjustable time delay allows you to customize fault response times
  • Rugged industrial-grade construction withstands harsh factory environments
  • 1250VA capacity handles mid-to-large motors and production equipment
  • LED status indicators provide instant power status visibility

This Schneider electric phase monitor keeps your operations running smoothly by halting motors and equipment the moment it senses any phase problems. With robust relay contacts and a wide control voltage range, the RM17TG00 seamlessly integrates into new or existing control panels.

The RM17TG00 Phase Control Relay is ideal for plant managers, maintenance teams, and panel builders looking to add reliable 3-phase protection. By preventing phase-related crashes, it provides peace of mind and protects expensive equipment from damage.

With the RM17TG00, you’ll avoid costly downtime and blown fuses caused by phase loss events. This smart phase monitor pays for itself by preventing just a single disruption in your production line. Rest easy knowing your 3-phase motors and equipment have the intelligent phase protection they need.

Phase Control Relay RM17TG00
Schneider RM17TG00 | Phase Control Relay