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UT330B | USB Series Dataloggers

UT330-USB series USB dataloggers use high-precision temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors for long period monitor and record. UT330-USB series satisfies IP67 water and dust proof, can store 60000 sets of data and transmit them through USB to PC. They are great solutions for monitoring highly sensitive goods such as medicine or food during transportation and storage, greenhouse, wine cellar and more.

UT330-USB Series:

UT330A, UT330B, UT330C

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Grab Precise Data On The Go With The UT330B USB Datalogger

  • High-precision sensors monitor temperature, humidity and pressure
  • IP67 rated for dustproof and waterproof protection
  • Massive 60000 data point capacity
  • Easily transfer data via USB to your PC

The UT330B USB datalogger is designed to capture critical environmental data with laboratory-grade precision. Equipped with high-accuracy sensors, it tracks temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure over long stretches of time. The robust IP67 rated housing keeps out dust and survives submersion in water, making it ideal for field use.

With a huge 60000 data point capacity, you can deploy the UT330B for months of continuous monitoring without worry. When it’s time to offload your environmental data, simply plug the logger into your computer via USB and download the CSVs. For those who need accurate environmental measurements you can trust, the UT330B USB datalogger delivers.

UT330B USB Datalogger
UT330B | USB Series Dataloggers