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Digital Multimeter | MY60 Series (Mastech)


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The Mastech MY60 Series Digital Multimeter is a versatile and compact instrument designed for accurate measurement in various electrical and electronic applications. Packed with features, it provides reliable readings and user-friendly functionality.

Key Features:

  • Display:
    • Large, easy-to-read display with 2000 counts for clear and precise readings.
  • Auto Power Off:
    • Automatically turns off to conserve battery life when not in use.
  • Transistor hFE:
    • Measures transistor hFE in the range of 0 to 1000.
  • Diode Open Voltage:
    • Diode test function with an open voltage of 3.0V.
  • Continuity Buzzer:
    • Audible continuity buzzer for quick resistance checks, sounding for values less than 50Ω.
  • Data Hold:
    • Freezes the displayed value for easy recording.
  • Low Battery Display:
    • Indicates when the battery needs replacement, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.


  • Power Supply:
    • Requires 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery for operation.
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Compact size measuring 195mm x 95mm x 55mm (7.67″ x 3.74″ x 2.16″).
  • Product Weight:
    • Lightweight design, weighing 366g (0.8lb).
  • Certificate:
    • RoHS certified, meeting environmental standards.
  • Safety Rating:
    • CATII 1000V / CATIII 600V, ensuring safe operation in various electrical environments.

Applications: Ideal for use in electronics, electrical troubleshooting, and various DIY projects where accurate measurements of voltage, current, resistance, and transistor characteristics are required.

Note: For detailed usage instructions, safety guidelines, and additional information, please refer to the product manual provided by Mastech.


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