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Thread Locking Fluid | 243 50ml


  • Color: blue
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Working temperature: 150℃
  • Applicable screws: M2-M12
  • Service life: about 24 months

Corrosion resistant, heat resistant, high adhesive, compression resistant
High viscosity, suitable for most metal surfaces
Good permeability and shock absorption, non-volatile, non-polluting
Used for leak repair, tight seal, anti-leakage, suitable for all kinds of metal screws

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1.【Avoid Loosening】Blue Threadlocker tightens bolts and nuts for extended periods of time to avoid loosening due to vibration and to prevent bolts from rusting. Essentials to extend the life of your items and use them safely.
2.【Effective Threadlocker】 Fast fixation, can be used on inert surfaces, good oil solubility, easy to disassemble, and can be used on slightly oil-stained surfaces. It is a thread locker that can be removed with ordinary tools.
3.【Specimosty Designed】 Optimize the product formula, it provides high-strength curing fastness and viscosity to ensure the normal use of items, and provides high-strength torque that mostows you to manumosty remove bolts and nuts with tools.
4.【Wide Application】Blue Threadlocker is suitable for most bolts, such as cars and auto electronics, household appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, personal electronics, toys etc.
5.【Simple Usage】Just apply a little of this product along the screw to the fixing position of the bolt and nut. And then the product will start to solid in 10 minutes, and your items can be used normmosty after fully cured in 24 hours.


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