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Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats

High Voltage Electrical Insulating Mat 4-2=6mm x 1.2m x 10m is considered as personal protection equipment(PPE), it is specially designed for use in front of open switchboards or high voltage equipment. Used in many Industrial Plants and Factories to protect against electrical shocks.

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Be safe and avoid dangerous electrical shocks with these high-quality Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats. With these mats, you’ll protect yourself and your equipment while working on electrical projects.

  • Made of 100% natural rubber for excellent insulation and durability
  • Thick 1/2 inch design blocks electricity up to 17,000 volts
  • Textured slip-resistant surface for added safety
  • Flexible and easy to roll up for storage and portability

The thick rubber construction ensures you stay insulated from accidental contact with live wires or other exposed electrical connections. The mats provide a full 1/2 inch barrier between you and floor surfaces to stop electrical current flow.

Whether you’re an electrician, engineer, DIYer, or anyone else working with electronics, these rubber mats keep you protected. Place them in front of circuit breaker panels, underneath work benches, or anywhere you need an extra layer of electrical insulation. Stay safe and avoid dangerous shocks while working.

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats
Electrical Insulating Rubber Mats