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Change Over Switch | 32A 3P

  • 3P
  • 1-0-2 positions
  • Part Number: CA10-32A
  • 32A
  • 24x7 Support +968 99 26 36 46
  • Premium Quality
  • 10 days Return & Exchange
  • Deliver in 5-7 Days
  • Worldwide Shipping
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Power up your home with the Change Over Switch | 32A 3P, the easy way to add an extra layer of control to your electrical system. This handy switch lets you conveniently alternate between two different power sources, perfect for integrating a generator or solar panels into your existing wiring.

  • 1-0-2 positions allow you to switch between two power inputs or isolate both
  • Rated for 32A to handle most household loads and small appliances
  • 3P design works for three phase power systems

With the Change Over Switch | 32A 3P, you can seamlessly transition to backup or renewable power during outages or high electricity cost periods. The heavy-duty contacts ensure reliable performance and long product life. Whether you need an automatic transfer switch or manual control over your power supply, this switch has you covered.

Bring enhanced functionality and versatility to your electrical panel with the Change Over Switch | 32A 3P. Those wanting backup power capability or access to multiple energy sources will love the convenience and control this switch provides. Make powering your home simple and smart.

Change Over Switch
Change Over Switch | 32A 3P