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How to connect MAX LETATWIN LM550A2 to PC

1) download printer driver

You should install Driver first, then install Editor
steps to install letatwin software

2) If you download LETATWIN PRINTER DRIVER for the first time, Pls click left botton. If you have already downloaded formar version of LETATWIN PRINTER DRIVER, then Click right botton and uninstall the formar version of the driver from your PC

second step of installing Letatwin

3) Click the LETATWIN model name and conect your PC to LETATWIN printer and power on the printer.Then click `Next` botton.

Third Step of Installation

4) According to operation manual P69, Set your LETATWIN printer as below to make your printer ‘ready to receive data’

4th Step of Installation

5) Please follow below instruction and click `Next`

5th Step of Installation

6) Please click `Install` key.

Last step on Letatwin Installation
If you face any problems while installing this driver, Don’t hesitate to contact us.

for Better Assistance, Please click on help button in right bottom corner, and Call Us Directly from your Computer without any charge.